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Dress For Your Day

My second Blog Intallment comes after a couple of weeks of consulting engagements on the road.  Great groups, all from protocol industries. I have been coaching now for 12 years and we read dresscodes, write dresscodes and help evaluate dresscodes for companies, nationally. During these recent trips, I was informed of the "new" dresscode guideline for these particular companies. It simply
states..." Dress for your day". Are you kidding me?

Women have always struggled with casual at work and what that looks like, it tends to show up as casual chaos for most . So now "dress for your day", opens up more room for error, a slippery slope into the
abyss....How do you dress for a presentation, an internal team meeting, and then a child's soccer game right after work?  Or, you work in a protocol industry, but your main client is a tech company. You may
start your day in the office with partners, then head to your tech client, then you have an after work function with other co-workers that requires a more professional look. It's a big challenge to figure out what
to do and still keep your personal power intact


DressCode is in the business of navigating these new waters for clients and while it's more than challenging, we have some answers. I will start by saying, ohhhh , how we pine for the suit days, those were easy days to get dressed for work. So now , what are the options ? I suggest that you keep denim wearing to a minimum. While you can step them up with a dressier top option and jacket, you still may feel “caught” too dressed down. Casual pants do not have to be denim, they can be a tech fabric or cotton bistretch. The key item is a jacket and that does not mean stiff and uncomfortable, it can be leather , compact knit, tweed or even a solid with nice stitching or other details. Structure equals power for women at work, period. It immediately gives you a stature that you really can’t get from another item of clothing. If you are young looking or petite or even an introvert, jackets speak volumes.


What do men usually keep in their office? A blazer.



It is always a good idea to have a jacket  handy,even if you don’t plan to have it on all day. It’s a muscle piece, a structured piece, that will always read powerful and put together.

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