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Jacket Power

We are experiencing the most radical swing in fashion in a very long time. Influenced by the tech world’s gurus the late Steve Jobs (turtleneck and jeans ) and the leader at Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg , hoodies and jeans. Then there is street fashion , where our authentic selves are being expressed in a variety of ways that reflects the hurried ,
crammed lives we lead. Athleisure is the top selling category. Throw it all together, and it’s comfort at all costs, and individuality rules.
Ok, I can work with this pendulum swing. I’m all for the individuality piece. I encourage it in every seminar I give across the country. Can we all agree, however, that when any of us venture too far out on the new normal, it can hurt us, especially women in the work place? As women, we still need to have a strong personal brand and show up consistently.
So, my answer to all my female clients is a jacket.

This item of clothing has such a strong presence. As Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman was quoted saying, “ a jacket is a clear signifier of she means business. “ There is no other article of clothing for a woman that gives a power message like a jacket. The structure and fit of a jacket is immediately a confidence booster , it’s versatile and slimming! In a new 2018 essential work wear wardrobe list, the jacket is # 1! Whether you wear it with a tee shirt and denim, or over a tailored dress, you will say power, onfident and credible without saying a word.



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