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Proportion & Balance

There is a fashion fact that all of us have fallen victim to at one time or another. I am in the fashion business and still I am not immune to the temptation of trends!  As Spring rounds the corner, the magazines and media are full of images that we can’t resist. What will we choose to stay current and modern? Well, the answer is, the items that will provide you the best proportion and balance for your body type.


Proportion and balance are the best way to play up your good parts and camouflage your not so favorable parts. If you are a curvy girl, for example, than angles and some structure are good choices,  If you are more square, than choosing softer shapes and fabrics will be good options for your more angled shape. This is a very good starting place, then throw in good tailoring and you will hit your mark. Remember, it’s OK if you can’t wear all the latest looks, it’s more important to wear the right looks for you. 


When I have women in DressCode, my boutique retail store in Greensboro, and we show them this phenomenon in front of a mirror, their faces light up and they see it immediately. They feel taller and thinner. Learn your body type, make friends with it and most

importantly, dress for it!


portantly dress for it.

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